Here it is! Iron Heart Gym’s Spring Schedule! :)

Alllllright folks, HERE it is! I am SUPER excited to share the FIRST Iron Heart Gym schedule with you!!!!!

*Starting Monday April 13th*

We’ve got some kick*ss classes on deck – how does this sound??!!!:

TRX & Bodyweight HIIT, Kickboxing HIIT Circuit, Power Yoga, Spin, Strong Fit Fast & Barbell Complex (my baby! strength training + cardio all in one awesome 45 min package), Yoga to rev you up, Yoga to wind you down, early morning “light” classes and optional add on Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamps!!!!

We have something for everybody and we can’t wait to see you in here trying them out! 

All classes (except the Kettlebell Bootcamp) are included for FREE with your gym membership and YES of course, we love drop in’s too!

First time is FREE, then drop in for $11 or get yourself a punch pass or a monthly membership. Childminding is available 9-1 Monday to Friday.

We are very proud of our gym, our people, our classes, our pricing, it’s all so good 🙂 
Come see for yourself! 

*click on the pic to enlarge



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