Iron Heart Bootcamp NEW TIMES!! pre-register NOW for 6 am Mon/Wed!!!

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Hey guys!!!  Alllright!!!  Here it is!!!  You’ve been asking, I’m ready to give ‘er!! ARE YOU?!! 😀

We’ll be starting our 6 am bright ‘n early Iron Heart Bootcamp sessions starting Monday October 19th!!!

This will be a PRE-REGISTERED Bootcamp (some exceptions can apply, talk to me for details) that will run every Monday and Wednesday from 6-7 am for a 6 week session block.  (YES we will continue after that!!  We will start a new session as soon as this one ends 🙂 )

when:  Monday/Wednesday 6-7 am

where:  Iron Heart Gym

for how long:  6 weeks, 12 sessions

investment:  $139+tax

earlyLIMITED spaces available *** GREAT for everybody, all levels *** NO kettlebell or weight training experience required *** be ready to get seriously fit in a fun, effective, challenging but totally SAFE way *** Our Bootcamp is a perfect mix of strength training, kettlebell training & conditioning (via battle ropes, trx, wall balls, sled pushing, bodyweight, etc) *** burn fat, lose inches, build muscle, increase your endurance, sculpt a tight strong healthy body & a happy relaxed mind  ***  build your foundation, our bootcamp is famous for cultivating super strong cores & your entire posterior chain (glutes baby!!! 😉 *** PERFECT for those NEW to my bootcamp – join now in this closed group and enjoy the camaraderie and support that you only get from those who are in it with ya!!!     Contact me, Genny @ 250-308-6007 or or on facebook


wonderwoman  Start your day RIGHT and be ready to take on anything!  😀

Our spacious fitness room has everything we need and could ever want, tonnes (haha, literally!!) of kettlebells and weights, trx, battle ropes, an indoor sled track and soooo much more!!  We are SO set up!!!IronHeartGym2015 (67)

After bootcamp, we have a fantastic shower/sauna/changeroom/smoothie bar that is available for YOU to get ready for your day, it couldn’t be easier or better – you’ll love it!!!!

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