Kettlebell Lessons >>FULL<< sign up for the next round NOW!


update!  this session block of lessons is now FULL – if you want into the next round, contact me today!  250-308-6007

Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons :::  Starting FRIDAY OCTOBER 16TH @10AM! ::: 6 weeks

For an investment of $149 you will receive 6 Small Group Training Kettlebell Lesson Sessions + 3 Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamp passes

This program is intended for those who are either brand new to Kettlebell training or who have some experience and want MORE.  You want to know it ALL, and in this 6 week program, that is what you will get!  We start from the basics and work our way though all the essential Kettlebell moves, the Swing, the deadlift variations, the press variations, cleaning, windmills, Turkish get ups, snatching and MORE!  This is a small group training, space is limited to 6 participants ONLY!


kettlebell loveSo many folks have realized that Kettlebell training is one of the most effective ways to crazy strong and super fit!!  Done right, it is extremely effective and efficient at burning fat, building strength, increasing flexibility and improving mobility.

GOOD Kettlebell training focuses on the details – that’s where the magic is.  It’s those very subtle nuances that will turn a novice into an expert and let you gain the most benefit from your training.   You’ll learn how to listen to YOUR body and train intuitively, working in a way that benefits YOU in your unique way.

Those who have jumped aboard the Iron Heart Kettlebell Training train are amazed by how quickly they see changes to their physique and how they feel so much stronger and fitter in such a short time.  We’ve got an awesome community of personal training and bootcamp clients who all love the kettlebell and I want YOU to join them!

*sculpt muscle and build strength

*lose fat & inches

*injury proof your shoulders, knees and back

*cultivate a rock solid foundation, your core & posterior chain (yeah, the glutes baby!!!!!) will get SUPER strong and tight!

*improve your sport and athletic performance

*it’s crazy fun & satisfying too to learn a new skill!

*quality instruction & access to Iron Heart Gym facility & all the amenities during & after your session – childminding is available from 9-1, sauna/showers/lockers/change space, smoothie bar, etc to refresh, refuel and get ready for the rest of your day!

IronHeartGym2015 (61)Swing Fix Kettlebell Lesssons

when:  *Starting Friday October 16th

where:  *Friday’s at 10:00 am @ Iron Heart Gym

for how long:  *6 weeks, 1 hr/session per week

Investment:  $149


You’ll be getting:

6 weekly Kettlebell Training Sessions that will take you from beginner to Kettlebell rockstar 😉 + 3 Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamp Passes where you can practice you new skills!!

Sound good?  Sign up NOW!  Limited space!  *2* spots are open, the rest are already spoken for so contact me right away please to avoid missing out!

Contact me, Genny @ 250-308-6007 or or on facebook or

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kettlebell workout


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