IRON HEART GYM SCHEDULE <– <– <– NEW schedule!  Click on the link & download/print!
Hey guys!  Exciting news!!  Starting THIS WEEK – TRX & Strength HIIT, Barbell Complex & Core ‘n Cardio HIIT are coming for you!  I’ve had lots of requests for more classes at 4:30 pm, for MORE trx, for MORE barbell complex and for a MORE amped up sweaty core sesh so here ya gooooo!!!
IronHeartGym2015 (69)Tuesday @ 4:30 TRX & Strength HIIT – a take on our super popular TRX class but with the addition of IRON!!! This class will be a 45 min class that uses the TRX suspension straps, barbells, free weights & bodyweight to get you sweaty, strong & happy!  We’ll be using HIIT (high intensity interval training), Circuits, Tabata’s, etc, it’ll be interesting, challenging and pretty much the best 45 mins of your day 😀
Thursday @ 4:30 Barbell Complex – yes, we’re finally adding another! This might be our most beloved and hated classes, lol! My personal fav, one bar, one weight, full body, suuuuuper sweaty “cardio” disguised as weight lifting!!!
Friday @ 10 Core ‘n Cardio HIIT – anything goes here, we’ll be using HIIT, Tabatas, circuits, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, balls, steps/risers, the TRX, etc etc etc to get your cardio for the day DONE and your core WORKED. Imagine the core section at the end of any of my classes or bootcamps….Times a million 😉
SABRINAThe lovely Sabrina (the newest instructor to join our team!!!) and myself (Genny) will be team teaching the classes this week so come join us and try them out!!
As always, our group classes are FREE for members and  non-member drop in’s are always welcome!
First time at the gym is free so get in here and see why our classes are a little different….and a LOT awesome 🙂 We’re different and proud of it. My class programming came from so many personal experiences where I took a class and felt like I lost an hour of my life so I promise you – you won’t feel that way with us!  Awesome “real” music (no canned fitness tunes allowed!), amazing friendly folks, workouts meant for men and women, new and experienced, all ages, all fitness levels and most importantly, excellent programming personally designed for the group to make you super strong, really sweaty, flexible, crazy fit but remain safe while doing it 🙂
Just a reminder too that we now have evening childcare available!  Monday to Friday from 9-1 AND now from 4-8 pm bring your kiddos with you and get your workout in while they hang in our childcare room and have some fun time of their own 🙂  Child Minding Room 1
So come, join us,  try out these new classes and show these new classes AND our newest instructor some love!!! ~ Genny
IRON HEART GYM SCHEDULE <– click here!  🙂

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