new class! *Fighting Back*Boxing Training for those affected by Parkinson’s & other conditions

boxingIron Heart Gym is very excited and proud to offer….

Fighting Back

A class intended for those with Parkinson’s Disease or any other condition that limits mobility.  It is also perfect for anyone 55+ who is new to exercise and are looking for a fun, supportive and safe environment to get some great cardio, strength & boxing training!

Current research has proven that Boxing training and its combination of activities significantly improves balance and overall functioning in its participants and is now being recommended by medical professionals as part of a holistic approach to fighting back against disease progression !


In this Small Group Training, participants are involved in:

Punching exercises * Movement * Balance * Cardio & Strength Building * Flexibility & Speed


-Through involvement in this class, participants will be Fighting Back and having fun which keeps morale high!

-Exercise is part of the battle against Parkinson’s and other conditions!  Physical exercise has been proven to improve daily life, health and happiness and slow progression of disease as well as providing the very important social/emotional benefits that come from working a team!

-Research has shown that exercise can improve gait, balance tremor, flexibility, grip strength and motor coordination and overall fitness

-Through exercise, Parkinson sufferer’s have reported feeling freed from “this straitjacket that’s called Parkinson’s disease. They say, ‘I can do this!’ And in many of those people it carries over into their everyday life

-Research shows that exercise helps the brain to form, restore, and maintain connections. Staying active is especially important in fighting the progression of Parkinson’s which is a degenerative disease that targets brain function


-Participants work at their own pace

-Participants can attend classes with their helpers

-Participants must get the go-ahead and official clearance from their physician before starting this program

-The safety of our clients is of paramount importance, so with that, participants must only have minimal disability and require little to no assistance.  If requiring minimal assistance, they must bring a caretaker/helper with them.


Classes are led by Antony Stamboulieh, Head Coach at CounterPunch Boxing Club.  He is an NCCP Coach and former President of Boxing BC.

In addition, CounterPunch Boxing Club runs regular boxing classes at Iron Heart on Wednesday’s & Friday’s at 6:30 pm



When:  Wednesday’s at 11 am.  Classes are 1 hour in length

Where:  Iron Heart Gym #2 5400 24th Street Vernon BC (Gym membership is not required)

Cost:  $36 + 5% tax for 4 sessions if you Pre-Register or Drop In rate is $11

For more information, please contact Iron Heart Gym Front Desk @778-475-3539 or email


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