our early mornings just got even earlier! 5:30am starts April 9th!!

5:30 am classes are starting next week!!!!!!

By popular demand, our early morning line up just got earlier!!!

Starting Monday April 9th our early morning classes will be starting at 5:30 am!

Strength HIIT on Monday, Spin & TRX on Tuesday, Bootcamp style Strength & Cardio Circuit on Wednesday and another Spin & TRX on Thursday are now starting at 5:30 am to get you up and sweaty and strong and fit and out the door before the day even begins!  Come join us!! Your first time is absolutely FREE with no strings attached and you’re guaranteed to LOVE what we are offering – and for $49/month – you cannot go wrong!

All our classes are taught by experienced, compassionate, knowledgeable and motivating Certified Personal Trainers and our gym and all our fabulous facilities are clean and bright and spacious and our staff is super attentive and friendly 🙂 We love what we do here and want to share it with everyone and make your workout the best part of your day!!! Come check us out!



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