September Schedule + 3 months for $169? Yes please!


Hey everybody!

Here we go!  The real *New Year* is upon us and we are all SO excited to help you reach and maintain your healthy lifestyle goals this fall and alllll the seasons beyond!

Looking to train solo and want some extra guidance?  We’ve got a great deal for first time personal training clients, $149/3 sessions and we are so proud of our Personal Training team!  They are a diverse group with lots of experience, compassion and current knowledge of how to get you safely and efficiently to your goals.  We can match you up with someone who is the perfect fit for you and your schedule.

Want to join but without any commitment?  We’ve got ya!  $169/3 months – includes EVERYTHING!

Speaking of *everything*, our class schedule is looking pretty amazing!  We’ve added more time slots and our crazy, inspiring and fun class training crew cannot wait to get to work with ya!!!

Check it out here: Iron Heart Gym Schedule SEPTEMBER 2019

We’re open early early to late late every day so if you’re new to us, come on in ANYTIME!  Your first workout or class is free, on us and tours are available whenever you stop in.  Our goal is to make your experience at Iron Heart Gym as easygoing and enjoyable as humanly possible so stop by and see what we’re all about for yourself!

Happy September!  Let’s get to it! 🙂


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