Happy International Woman’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day♥️Inspired, amazed, humbled & girl crushing DAILY on all the powerful, brave, kind, compassionate & beautiful women in our Iron Heart Gym community.

This is a bit of novel, but I’ve been thinking all day about how the women in the generations before us worked so HARD to create change for US and – how am I helping? I feel compelled to contribute in a some way, how can I not with a feisty activist minded mama and a dad who raised me with so much gentleness and love and support…they made me feel like I was capable of absolutely anything.
We should ALL feel this from somewhere or someone in our life.

This is why I think I feel it’s our duty to push our fitness industry forward and to help destroy the dated stereotypes that are still lingering behind. I want this next generation of women being raised right now to never even question if they belong lifting weights.
If they should train differently from a man. If they should behave or dress a certain way when training. If they should hide their strength so as to not embarrass a guy. If they should subdue their passion and absolute joy of feeling powerful and comfortable in their skin. If they should focus just on getting skinny. If they should make looking pretty their only goal. If they should hide away for fear of being looked at.

Nah. Nope. None of it.

I want to women to lift because it makes us feel alive. Fully human. Find the potential of what our bodies can do and chase it and celebrate it!!

It makes us better at life. At all the things we do as women, being strong and healthy is directly beneficial to our careers, our sports, our hobbies, as moms, wives, friends & caretakers.

When giving a tour recently I was asked: “What are your classes for women and where is your ladies section?”
To which I gestured broadly – everywhere, all of it, all the things, all the classes, all the areas, it’s all for everyone.
Avoiding discomfort is not how we move forward. There’s always a fix.
My goal is to ensure all people, female or male – feel welcomed, empowered, motivated, educated & excited by their successes!
We’re erasing gender divisions and could not be more proud of it.

All of you, the women who proudly lift alllll the weights everyday – thank you for being here with us pushing forward and our men – thank you as well for treating us…like humans, with respect, like we belong. Because…we do.


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