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We are OPEN!

It’s GO TIME guys!!🙌😃🏋🏽 We are opening Tuesday May 19th!!
Thanks to our dream team who have been HUSTLING to make this happen, we are READY!

There’s some changes, read on to see what you can expect:

  1. We are a huge 11000 sq ft facility so our max number of people in here is capped at 65. Even during our busiest times, we never hit this, so NO PRE-BOOKING needed. We’re open our normal long hours 5am to 10pm to spread out your visits!
  2. You are required to use the hand sanitizer on the lobby upon entrance. And then frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing like it’s your job throughout your stay!
  3. You will be pre-screened at the key scanner to ensure you are not experiencing any sickness symptoms or have been travelling and are meant to be self isolating. Absolutely zero tolerance for anyone who is sick or has been out of town!
  4. Please show up ready to workout, do not bring in a bag and if you do, keep it with you. Please plan to not use the changerooms, lockers and showers.
  5. As always, being exceptionally clean with constant disinfecting is our number one priority. As well, members are expected to wipe down their equipment before and after use. No supersetting allowed! Use only one piece of equipment at a time. This is mandatory and no exceptions will be permitted.
  6. Practice social distancing!! We gotta stay 6 feet apart at all times so no high five or hugs! Head nods, jumping for joy at the sight of your workout buds & smiles are a-okay!
    All our equipment had been spaced at a minimum of 6’ apart and it’s super spacious and open.
    We’re going to open up that glorious garage door and blast the fresh air in here as much as possible and it’s going to be breezy and beautiful!
  7. Regrettably, no childminding at this time. There’s no way to ensure social distancing of littles and that is a hard rule that absolutely must be followed.
  8. No classes…yet….They will be back as soon as absolutely possible (weeks away, not long) and in the mean time we are continuing to run our online classes through Zoom so join us there for your Spin, Glutecamp and Strength HIIT fix!

We all are SO EXCITED to see you back in action!! Please be kind and patient and understand that we are going to do this right to keep you, our staff and our families safe. This all seems like a lot but it’s going to be ok!
We love cleaning! And staying in our 6’ bubble! So that’s what we’ll do and let’s go get our workout onnnn!!! See you all soon!♥️

~ Genny, Richard & staff

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