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Class crew! Big changes are happening!

We are back to the swing of things here at Iron Heart after re-opening on May 19th…the gym is running smoothly, all the new COVID rules and regulations are in place and working really well and we have been delighted to see most of you back!  One thing missing though…our class crew!

When we learned the COVID re-opening plan, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to have classes anymore at the gym in the same way we did pre-shut down and our brains got busy brainstorming how we could make it all work somehow.  We needed to be able to socially distance everything and everyone in the gym and not have huge surges of people arriving and leaving all at once.  We heard and considered all sorts of crazy options – online operating app for the entire gym(no), booking timeslots for workouts(umm, no), bouncer at the door making people wait (nope), plexiglassing everything in sight (harrrrd no), wearing masks (??!!:/)losing half our equipment downstairs, closing off half the cardio, classes in the parking lot, classes on the roof, sea cans in the parking lot???!! etc etc etc….all not really viable options to say the least!  Other gyms and studios were closing down, and we felt it deep, we were absolutely devastated for the owners, members and staff, we did not want to add to that loss in our community.  We needed to find a way to please everyone and create the best environment possible.

Our nature as people and as business owners is to do the very best job we can and produce the very best product humanly possible. We knew that under the new guidelines, we unfortunately couldn’t keep running with the same system we had in place and keep our super high standard of awesome happening!  Our classes and gym in general were so busy that there was no way to comply with the new regulations without making some big changes that would affect our member’s experience negatively.

After some serious thinking, we realized that opening a second space to move our entire class program to was the only viable solution!  We’d be able to create two spacious, beautiful, organized, super clean, well managed and controlled spaces and be able to provide you, our members with the top notch experience that you deserve whether you love to attend classes or workout on the gym floor.  We also wanted to create a private Personal Training space where we can work with clients one on one in a controlled setting for those needing a bit of space, privacy or just not ready to get back into a big gym setting. (More on this fabulous new option in another post!)

The Iron Heart Studio concept was born and we along with our incredible crew have been hustling to get it ready because we miss our people!  We can’t wait to see you all back in class and we are delighted to offer a significantly larger schedule with way more options and timeslots and the addition of some classes that were once paid additions!

We are kicking things off Saturday June 13th at 9 and 10:30 with our usual Strength HIIT party and then the week continues on as usual but with WAY. MORE. OPTIONS.!!  We have a full line up of 5:30am, 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am, 12:10pm, 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm classes running all week long plus the weekend mornings are stacked with your favs too!

We absolutely realize this is a shock, a big, sudden change and change is scary, trust us…we understand!!!!  But there is one thing that COVID has taught us and that is that life as we know it has changed, whether we like it or not and we have to roll with it and adapt aaaaand….sometimes when you are forced – change is magical and leads to better things we never even had time to imagine in the past.

So what do you do now?  How do you attend classes now? How do you find us and try it out?

For everyone who is a long term member with an auto-pay or paid up front membership we are happy to tell you your first month is “free” at the new studio.  Your regular Iron Heart Gym payment that you’ve already paid covers you, you’re in!  But you have to do this first in order to book classes:

Go to

Sign up!

Choose your first class from the schedule

Click Book Now

It will prompt you to choose a payment option

Choose payment option:  1 month unlimited *no commitment ($159)

———> non Iron Heart members, anyone without a current/paid for long term membership choose whatever you like!

Proceed to check out

Iron Heart members, you are to enter in a (private) discount/promo code that you can get by calling

Iron Heart Gym front desk: 778-475-3539
Iron Heart Studio front desk:  236-426-4700
or messaging us on facebook/Instagram through our page

Click Complete Transaction!

After you do this, you are in!  You have an account at the Studio until July 13th.  You can book into any classes you like on website, Wellness Living Achieve App or you can book through

If you have any troubles with this, call us!  We’re happy to help set you up.  At the end of the trial month, all you have to do is simply let us know if you want to stick around (of course you will!:) ) and we’ll adjust your payment to your desired option.

We have short term no commitment options, long term options, long term combo Gym + Studio options and we offer couples rates as well (contact us for details about that).

We are conveniently located downtown at 3204 29th Street, right beside Savoy Equipment, just down from Little Tex, the Firehall…the Powerhouse Theatre.  There’s a spectacular amount of free parking right in front of the building plus free 2 hour and metered parking all around the neighbourhood.  The lobby and private personal training space is gorgeous and we can’t wait to show you around!

It’s been a looooong few months without our beloved classes, we’ve missed our friends, we’ve missed the workouts, we’ve missed the party and we cannot WAIT to get back to you again!

PS…..oh  yes…online Zoom classes are coming for ya!  We’re set up and ready to go and will announce that schedule early next week!!  We will have Zoom/Online included options as well as Zoom/Online only options for those at home!

Thank you all so much for your support, please ask all the questions, reach out anytime for help or information and grant us all a little grace as we navigate our way through this fresh new endeavour!  It’s going to be so good, we promise xo

~ Genny, Richard & staff


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