About Iron Heart Gym


genny and richard black and white
Hi everybody!  Genny and Richard Chippendale here, welcome to our gym, we’re so glad you’ve found us!
Iron Heart Gym is a locally owned, family operated full service co-ed gym with all the amenities you want and need.  
Our gym is  open and bright and clean and well stocked.  Huge windows let in the sunlight and our garage door gets opened up to let in the fresh air.  We have over 11 000 square feet of equipment and for sure have whatever you are looking for – a heavy bag, an awesome sled track, battle ropes, tonnes of kettlebells, sandbags, wall balls, trx suspension trainers, free weights, Olympic plates & lots of cardio machines to name just a few things! 
We have a diverse team of experienced and motivating personal trainers and group fitness and yoga instructors ready to lead you through one  on one workouts, small group trainings or group fitness and yoga classes. 
Our free group fitness and yoga classes are full of awesome people getting super fit and strong and seeing serious results because we are doing it right 🙂  All ages and fitness levels, we LOVE that in any given class you’ll find folks who are elite athletes, new moms and dads, 70+ yr old grandparents and everybody in between.  Check out what we have going on ~ TRX, Spin, HIIT, Boxing, Strength and Yoga almost every day of the week – ALL of included in your Iron Heart Gym membership. Ever left a class feeling let down and like that was an hour of your life you’ll never get back?  Not here!  No ego’s, no canned music or generic programming, everything is customized to suit the group by experienced personal trainers. What you will find is LOADS of energy, laughs, good vibes, a fair price, clean equipment and open space to do what you what you want to do.  

Childminding is available from 9-1 and 4-8 Monday to Friday and Saturday’s 9-1.  Our childcare staff are wonderful!! As parents, we get how important good childcare is, so this is serious priority for us!
We have free safe at the door parking,  free wifi, a healthy smoothie bar (with non dairy and gluten free options!!!), supplement and fitness equipment sales (protein powders, greens, etc, kettlebells, weights, foam rollers, TRX and more!), showers/free Infrared sauna in both the men’s and women’s change rooms/lockers and so much more ! 
AND we are also Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamp and Iron Heart Kettlebell Training Headquarters!!! Our bootcamp has been going on for several years now, it runs year round, inside and out and has a long track record of folks building serious strength, burning fat, having so much fun and staying injury-free! 
Work out on your own or in a group, your choice, we do it all and have something for everybody.
Come see what we’re all about, it’s a little different – and you will LOVE it!!