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We are OPEN!

It’s GO TIME guys!!🙌😃🏋🏽 We are opening Tuesday May 19th!!
Thanks to our dream team who have been HUSTLING to make this happen, we are READY!

There’s some changes, read on to see what you can expect:

  1. We are a huge 11000 sq ft facility so our max number of people in here is capped at 65. Even during our busiest times, we never hit this, so NO PRE-BOOKING needed. We’re open our normal long hours 5am to 10pm to spread out your visits!
  2. You are required to use the hand sanitizer on the lobby upon entrance. And then frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing like it’s your job throughout your stay!
  3. You will be pre-screened at the key scanner to ensure you are not experiencing any sickness symptoms or have been travelling and are meant to be self isolating. Absolutely zero tolerance for anyone who is sick or has been out of town!
  4. Please show up ready to workout, do not bring in a bag and if you do, keep it with you. Please plan to not use the changerooms, lockers and showers.
  5. As always, being exceptionally clean with constant disinfecting is our number one priority. As well, members are expected to wipe down their equipment before and after use. No supersetting allowed! Use only one piece of equipment at a time. This is mandatory and no exceptions will be permitted.
  6. Practice social distancing!! We gotta stay 6 feet apart at all times so no high five or hugs! Head nods, jumping for joy at the sight of your workout buds & smiles are a-okay!
    All our equipment had been spaced at a minimum of 6’ apart and it’s super spacious and open.
    We’re going to open up that glorious garage door and blast the fresh air in here as much as possible and it’s going to be breezy and beautiful!
  7. Regrettably, no childminding at this time. There’s no way to ensure social distancing of littles and that is a hard rule that absolutely must be followed.
  8. No classes…yet….They will be back as soon as absolutely possible (weeks away, not long) and in the mean time we are continuing to run our online classes through Zoom so join us there for your Spin, Glutecamp and Strength HIIT fix!

We all are SO EXCITED to see you back in action!! Please be kind and patient and understand that we are going to do this right to keep you, our staff and our families safe. This all seems like a lot but it’s going to be ok!
We love cleaning! And staying in our 6’ bubble! So that’s what we’ll do and let’s go get our workout onnnn!!! See you all soon!♥️

~ Genny, Richard & staff

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Opening soon!

As we all learned this morning, gyms will be allowed to start opening up starting next week!
We have been busy prepping Iron Heart for this day, and we’re very excited it is near, however, a little surprised it’s so soon!

We will update you over the next few days with more details as to our exact opening plans/dates/hours.

The healthy, safety and comfort of our staff, trainers and members is priority #1 so please allow us a little grace while we navigate our way through this new situation.

We cannot wait to see you all again, it’ll be very soon!!!♥️More details to be announced ASAP!

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Update: still closed :(

Hang in there everyone!
The BC government has ordered all fitness facilities to be closed until May 31st (unless revised).
We hope you are all doing ok, staying strong, safe (& sane!!)♥️

We thank you for your patience, your support of our online sales of products and your participation in our online classes!

You are keeping our spirits bright and hopeful for better days to come when all of this is behind us.

Take good care & we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Memberships on hold, connect with us online for now!

Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that we have paused all payments and nothing will be charged until we are open again. All people who have paid up front memberships will get time added onto their term and we will have refunds/credits available for the time missed this month.

♥️We want to take a second and tell you how amazed we have been by the incredible number of people who have messaged us to tell us to keep charging them during this time. It’s so kind, unbelievable really, but we just don’t feel right about it. So sincerely, thank you…but we’re sorry. Nope.
Don’t you worry, there will be lots of ways to support us available to you soon through supplement & merchandise sales, online programming, etc.😊
We appreciate you all so much!
Everyone take good care & we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Until then, we’ve created a private Facebook page for Iron Heart Gym members, come join if you want to!

This will be a place to share workouts, nutrition ideas, motivation, accountability and enjoy a little Iron Heart togetherness and support ♥️


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It is with the heaviest of hearts that we are letting you know we have decided that it is best to temporarily close until April 1st.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and feel awful as we know that we are your escape, your happy place. Trust us, we are devastated as well – we need you guys as much as you need us.

However, we have to do this and do our part to help this potentially catastrophic issue facing our world. Social distancing is the only thing that will stop the spread and this sacrifice is the least we can do right now.

We will of course be honouring all passes by adding on the time lost to paid up front memberships and offering refunds for time missed on pay as you go memberships.  When we re-open on April 1st we will have a Request for Credit/Refund form available for members to submit for the two weeks of lost time.  If, heaven forbid, we are not able to re-open as anticipated, we will at that point pause monthly payments.

Be sure to follow our social media for updates.

We hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing ok and you are weathering this storm ok.  Our thoughts are with you, this is going to be a massive struggle for so many on every level.

Thank you for your support, friendship & business, we are grateful for our incredible community and look forward to putting this behind us all very soon ♥️

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Happy International Woman’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day♥️Inspired, amazed, humbled & girl crushing DAILY on all the powerful, brave, kind, compassionate & beautiful women in our Iron Heart Gym community.

This is a bit of novel, but I’ve been thinking all day about how the women in the generations before us worked so HARD to create change for US and – how am I helping? I feel compelled to contribute in a some way, how can I not with a feisty activist minded mama and a dad who raised me with so much gentleness and love and support…they made me feel like I was capable of absolutely anything.
We should ALL feel this from somewhere or someone in our life.

This is why I think I feel it’s our duty to push our fitness industry forward and to help destroy the dated stereotypes that are still lingering behind. I want this next generation of women being raised right now to never even question if they belong lifting weights.
If they should train differently from a man. If they should behave or dress a certain way when training. If they should hide their strength so as to not embarrass a guy. If they should subdue their passion and absolute joy of feeling powerful and comfortable in their skin. If they should focus just on getting skinny. If they should make looking pretty their only goal. If they should hide away for fear of being looked at.

Nah. Nope. None of it.

I want to women to lift because it makes us feel alive. Fully human. Find the potential of what our bodies can do and chase it and celebrate it!!

It makes us better at life. At all the things we do as women, being strong and healthy is directly beneficial to our careers, our sports, our hobbies, as moms, wives, friends & caretakers.

When giving a tour recently I was asked: “What are your classes for women and where is your ladies section?”
To which I gestured broadly – everywhere, all of it, all the things, all the classes, all the areas, it’s all for everyone.
Avoiding discomfort is not how we move forward. There’s always a fix.
My goal is to ensure all people, female or male – feel welcomed, empowered, motivated, educated & excited by their successes!
We’re erasing gender divisions and could not be more proud of it.

All of you, the women who proudly lift alllll the weights everyday – thank you for being here with us pushing forward and our men – thank you as well for treating us…like humans, with respect, like we belong. Because…we do.

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MORE Spin plus Bootcamp, Yoga, Strength HIIT & Boxing, all right HERE!

Our kick*ss classes are booming and so we’ve updated our Schedule, added some more Spin and you’re going to love the changes! Check it out, click on the link below:

*schedule in effect Tuesday Feb.18th 2020

Iron Heart Gym Schedule updated FEB 2020


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Check out our Virtual Tour here!

Hey guys! Come join us at Iron Heart and spend 2020 with us reaching your health and fitness goals in a supportive and motivating environment surrounded by awesome people!  We’ve got everything you need for a great workout, come on in anytime to check us out!  We have childminding, fantastic spacious, clean and well maintained amenities and our schedule of Bootcamp, Spin classes, Strength HIIT, Yoga and Boxing is ALL INCLUDED in our one low price! Check us out anytime, we’re conveniently located at 5400 24th Street Vernon BC!

 Click here for a virtual tour!