Iron Heart Personal Training, Kettlebell Training & Bootcamps

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Iron Heart Gym STARTED as Iron Heart Personal Training & Bootcamps!  We were the first in Vernon to offer Kettlebell Training and Outdoor Kettlebell Bootcamp on the Beach and we still have lots of Indoor and Outdoor Bootcamp options for you!

We’ve moved our Bootcamps to indoors only at the moment so you never have to slog through yucky weather – we have a 2000 square foot Bootcamp space, a bazillion kettlebells and weights and trx and sled track and soooo much more functional fitness tools to use.  Full changerooms, washrooms, showers, childminding room & smoothie bar for after, we’ve got everything you need here 🙂

>>>Outdoor & Beach Bootcamps WILL be back this year, as soon as it’s nice out there!

But for NOW….

>Ohhhh hello Spring!  Welcome!!!  We are SO ready for you 🙂

>>when:  Wednesday March 22nd – April 28th

>>>what time:  Wednesday 6 am glutecamp & Friday 6 am Bootcamp!

>>>>how long:  6 weeks/12 sessions ending right before May, just in time for Summer!!!

>>>>>how much:  the investment is $149.99 for Iron Heart Gym members / $174.99 for non-Iron Heart Gym members.  Everybody is welcome!

>>>>>how come:  these bootcamps are so amazing!!!  You’ll be so glad you decided to join this kick*ss group of friendly, determined & welcoming crew of ladies and make THIS spring your BEST yet.  Get up that one hour early to steal time from your busy day to focus on YOU!!  Nobody wants 6 am from you, except US 😀

From beginners to advanced lifters, we all get an awesome, safe but suuuuuper effective workout.  Learn everything you need to know in a fun, non-intimidating but definitely motivating environment!  Space is limited, so please contact me asap in the next couple of days to secure your spot. Wednesday is all about those glutes 😀 and Friday is a full body strength & cardio workout using ALLLLL the good stuff, it’s a little different every time but there will be weights, trx, kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes, etc etc etc!  Prepare to get really strong, lean and feel powerful and happy in your own skin 🙂  (that’s the best part) 🙂                          ~Genny 250-308-6007 for more info and to register!


Available Bootcamps:

Wednesday 6 am glutecamp & Friday 6 am bootcamp combo runs again starting March 22nd for 6 weeks

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 pm*drop in/punch pass, no pre-reg necessary, on-going/all year long!

$15 drop in

$120/10x punch pass

Drop in and give it a go anytime!!!


Looking for more info on Iron Heart Personal Training, Kettlebell Training, Kettlebell classes & Indoor  & Outdoor Bootcamp?  Head over to   or call or text Genny @ 250-308-6007 or email

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