glutecamp, Kettlebell Lessons & Workshop info

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Iron Heart Gym STARTED as Iron Heart Personal Training & Bootcamps!  We were the first in Vernon to offer Kettlebell Training and Outdoor Kettlebell Bootcamp on the Beach and we still have lots of Bootcamp options for you AND we’re extremely happy to now offer our Bootcamp as one of our Gym classes that is INCLUDED in your membership – that means it only costs you $49/month!  Seriously!  All the bootcamp plus all the other classes like Spin, Yoga, Strength HIIT, Boxing, TRX and more!

We have a 2000 square foot Bootcamp space, a bazillion kettlebells and weights and trx and sled track and soooo much more functional fitness tools to use.  Full changerooms, washrooms, showers, childminding room & smoothie bar for after, we’ve got everything you need here 🙂

From beginners to advanced lifters, we all get an awesome, safe but suuuuuper effective workout.  Learn everything you need to know in a fun, non-intimidating but definitely motivating environment!  Expect a full body strength & cardio workout using ALLLLL the good stuff, it’s a little different every time but there will be weights, trx, kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes, etc etc etc!  Prepare to get really strong, lean and feel powerful and happy in your own skin 🙂  (that’s the best part) 🙂


Check back for more info on Kettlebell Lessons, upcoming Workshops and glutecamp info!

Looking for an ALL glute session??  We’ve got that!  Join Genny at glutecamp >>>

~ please message Genny directly for the current availability!

$49 members/$59 non-members for a 4 week/4 session block

$15 drop in

Looking for more info on Glutecamp, Iron Heart Personal Training, Kettlebell Training, Kettlebell classes and workshops?  Head over to   or call or text Genny @ 250-308-6007 or email

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