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 Iron Heart Gym has an exceptional Personal Training and Kinesiologist team.  We offer training at our Iron Heart Gym OR if you are looking for a private experience, we are also thrilled to be able to provide training sessions at our Iron Heart Studio location, our exclusive class and training location.  

Every trainer is very experienced, professional, knowledgeable, caring and friendly and has a passion for their work.  Each is unique and specializes in something different, which makes our gym really special.  There is someone and something for everyone at Iron Heart, no matter what your goals, this is the place to find support, motivation and the plan to successfully meet and exceed those goals.

How to get started?  Pick a trainer that sounds like the best fit for you goals and contact them directly or let us help you choose!  Contact us anytime, we’re here to help get you started and reach your goals at either of our fabulous facilities! 

Iron Heart Gym:  778-475-3539
Iron Heart Studio:  236-426-4700

Iron Heart Gym + Studio Training Team

Paul  Lawson
BCRPA Personal Trainer
Yoga and Group Fitness Leader
BFA – Honors Dance

Paul has always been active and encourages others to do likewise, either in the gym or through other recreational endeavours.  He believes fitness training should enhance ones activities and lifestyle.  He enjoys skiing, golf, tennis, hiking, biking, dancing and a good glass of red wine.
“If you don’t look after your body, where will you live?”
Text/call: 250-307-4409

Melissa LeRoux – Currently not accepting new clients
CanFitPro certified
Nutritional coach
Swim coach – Level 1
Iron heart studio class instructor: Lift, Strength HIIT, Kettlebell Bootcamp, Trx HIIT, Spin, Spin & Strength

I am a certified wellness professional with more then 15 years experience in the fitness industry and have been an avid multi-sport athlete for most of my life.

I am passionate about teaching and inspiring woman to live healthy whole lives. And I have been known to help people fall in love with working out.

If you are looking for someone to help you feel better AND get better, then we will get along just fine!

I use a combination of fundamental and innovative exercises, and really hammer home the importance of using proper form and mastering the basics. I strongly believe that working out should be empowering, exciting, and educational.

I have made it my mission to understand not only the role of our bodies needs within the context of exercise, and eating behaviours, but the vital connection between our physical bodies, our emotions, habits, and how we experience the world around us.

With each session you will be provided a safe, efficient workout; alongside that I aim to help you gain a better understanding of the complexities of your bodies needs. By practicing proven effective exercise strategies, utilizing root-cause treatments and  focusing on replacing harmful underlying beliefs with a body-honoring mindset, my goal is to help women find freedom in there health so they can start living the life they want.

I am a teacher/trainer at heart, so I will close with this question? May I train not just your body, but your mind and heart?

Genevieve Dunbar
Certified Personal Trainer
Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
Iron Heart Studio Class Instructor: Lift, Strength HIIT, Kettlebell Bootcamp, TRX HIIT

Genevieve currently teaches Lift, Strength HIIT and Kettlebell Bootcamp and has done everything from Spin to Step in the last 10 years of teaching fitness. She really enjoys the emphasis on strength and conditioning to help you get results and feel confident – there’s nothing like strutting out of class all sweaty with some swagger! She is an enthusiastic instructor and trainer who loves to help people discover a love of exercise, with the realization that there’s so many enjoyable ways to move it’s about finding what makes you happy! Genevieve is an avid runner, kettlebeller, weight lifter, wife and mama of two busy girls and knows how to balance it all in a healthy and sustainable way.  Find her on Instagram & Facebook: Genevieve Dunbar – Personal Trainer or give her a call today to see how she can help you get where you want to go!

Text/Call: 250-306-1335

Paul Bradshaw
Registered Kinesiologist & Fitness Coach

Specializing in: 
Active Rehabilitation: Exercise that specifically addresses your injury. We can help you get stronger, reduce pain, and get back to the activities you enjoy.
Strength & Conditioning: Exercise prescription for better health and performance. Regular exercise has been shown to improve sport performance and enhance your daily function.
Mobility: Mobility refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses. The more mobile you are, the more you can maximize your movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.
Nutrition: Nutrition coaching for exercise, sport performance and healthy weight loss. Discover what’s important to you and create a nutrition and exercise plan based on your goals and lifestyle.

Injured in an accident? Did you know that ICBC now recognizes Kinesiology as an essential part of a person’s return from injury and pre-approves those injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents for 12 Kinesiology sessions (within the first 12 weeks) without the need for a physician’s referral.

Kinesiologists are health care professionals who are experts in human movement. They develop active rehabilitation programs for patients helping them to prevent and manage injury, chronic diseases/conditions, and to reach optimal physical performance. Kinesiologists work with all age groups and fitness levels and strive to empower people to live an active healthy lifestyle. Kinesiologist often work alongside Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapist and other members of your health team to regain and enhance your movement, strength, and quality of life.

As a Registered Kinesiologist Paul has an extensive background in personal training, including mobility and nutrition certifications. He uses an evidence-based, client-centered approach. Your session will always be tailored for you based on your assessment, health history and goals. This means your exercises are realistic, attainable, safe, and most importantly right for you.

Paul works with all ages and every stage of life or health to help improve overall function, fitness, performance, and quality of life. Whether you are new to physical fitness, looking to improve your movements and strength, or trying to rehabilitate during or after an injury; he can help.
Paul graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics. In 2019, he gained my Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist certification and work to incorporate this new knowledge into his client’s training. He specializes in active rehabilitation, mobility, strength and conditioning, as well as healthy weight loss. Paul earned his Precision Nutrition Certification in 2016 and is also a certified Kinesio Tape practitioner. He is passionate about sports and loves the outdoors and can be found enjoying time with his family on the beach, the mountain, or the many hiking trails around the Okanagan.

-ICBC has now made it easier to access help with your active recovery by pre-approving 12 Kinesiology visits within 12 weeks of your accident. Contact me for more information.

-Did you know your extended health benefits may cover you for Kinesiology sessions? Be sure to contact your provider -and ask if you are covered!

Text/Call: 778-212-2677

Genny Chippendale – Currently not accepting new clients
Iron Heart Personal Training. Owner/Operator Iron Heart Gym + Iron Heart Studio.
BCRPA Personal Trainer, Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, British Columbia Weightlifting Association Club Coach, Iron Heart Programming Developer/Trainer
Iron Heart Studio Class Instructor: Glutecamp, Glutecamp Special Edition, Lift, Spin, Strength HIIT, Kettlebell Bootcamp, TRX HIIT

Genny specializes in a hybrid system of fitness, one that fuses functional strength with traditional bodybuilding aesthetics.  Pair that with purposeful metabolic conditioning and nourishing food-for-fuel eating patterns and what you get is a body that not only looks great but FEELS amazing – strong, energetic, pain free, healthy.
No more old school hours and hours of body abusing cardio, no more eating like a bird.  Genny does things differently, based on science and research and a deep understanding of what really works in REAL life.  And she gets it.  A busy mom of little boys, finding balance is no easy feat, but blending fitness, eating well, working crazy hours and spending quality time being a wife and mama, it can be done!
Contact her for effective, efficient and SUSTAINABLE programming that will shape and create your new life.
Offering:  one on one personal training, partner or small group training, nutritional guidance, glutecamp & her specialty, group or one on one kettlebell lessons!
Text/call: 250-308-6007

Cass Sharman
CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer
Iron Heart Studio Class Instructor: Spin, Spin & Strength, Strength HIIT, LIFT, Glutecamp, LIFT Special Edition, Glutecamp Special Edition & Bootcamp

Cass is a newly certified personal trainer who has a special place in her heart for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is a strong advocate for not only working out for one’s physical well being, but also for the mental growth that comes with it. She promotes exercise to become the best version of yourself where you view it as the highlight of your day due to how amazing and strong you will feel during and after. Cass is also completing her Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at UBCO, and she is actively able to integrate her changing knowledge from her degree into her training clients and sessions, so they always have the best up to date information. With working at the gym, being a University student, instructing spin, and maintaining a social life with family and friends, Cass is well aware of how even with a busy life maintaining healthy habits such as working out, and eating properly can fit into your day when you have your priorities and goals in mind. Throughout her years of trial and error, she knows that wanting to be fit and healthy is a lifelong approach that involves balance, and not an all or nothing or quick fix mentality.

Cass knows that everybody is different, with unique aspirations and goals, so she will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable session each time.

If you are ready to achieve sustainable lifelong results and habits that involve you getting physically and mentally stronger on a daily basis, leaving you excited to crush all of your future workouts and daily goals, then contact Cass at the information down below.

P: 250-306-9760


Instagram: @cass.sharman

Text/call: 250-540-8530

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