Personal Trainers, Yoga & Class Instructors

 Iron Heart Gym has an exceptional Personal Training, Yoga and Fitness Instructor team.   Every trainer and instructor is very experienced, professional, knowledgeable, caring and friendly and have a passion for their work.  Each is unique and specializes in something different, which makes our gym really special.  There is someone and something for everyone at Iron Heart, no matter what your goals, this is the place to find support, motivation and the plan to successfully meet and exceed those goals.

Personal Trainers:

Genny Chippendale


Genny Chippendale, Iron Heart Personal Training
BCRPA Personal Trainer, Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, British Columbia Weightlifting Association Club Coach

Genny specializes in a hybrid system of fitness, one that fuses functional strength with traditional bodybuilding aesthetics.  Pair that with purposeful metabolic conditioning and nourishing food-for-fuel eating patterns and what you get is a body that not only looks great but FEELS amazing – strong, energetic, pain free, healthy.
No more old school hours and hours of body abusing cardio, no more eating like a bird.  Genny does things differently, based on science and research and a deep understanding of what really works in REAL life.  And she gets it.  A busy mom of little boys, finding balance is no easy feat, but blending fitness, eating well, working crazy hours and spending quality time being a wife and mama, it can be done!
Contact her for effective, efficient and SUSTAINABLE programming that will shape and create your new life.
Offering:  one on one personal training, partner or small group training, nutritional guidance, glutecamp & her specialty, group or one on one kettlebell lessons!
Text/call: 250-308-6007

Paul Lawson ~ currently accepting Personal Training clients!


Paul  Lawson
BCRPA Personal Trainer
Yoga and Group Fitness Leader
BFA – Honors Dance

Paul has always been active and encourages others to do likewise, either in the gym or through other recreational endeavours.  He believes fitness training should enhance ones activities and lifestyle.  He enjoys skiing, golf, tennis, hiking, biking, dancing and a good glass of red wine.

“If you don’t look after your body, where will you live”





Melissa Rushford ~ currently off on Maternity leave 

113336-284x425-Yoga_strength_training (1)

Melissa Rushford
CanFitPro – Personal Trainer Specialist
Clean Eating Certification
Childrens Fitness Coach Certified
Swim Coach – Level 1

Melissa has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years training and teaching a variety of groups, classes and coaching. She loves what
she gets to do!
Melissa has been a competitive swimmer and triathlete since she was young and loves to train in the gym. Certified with CanFitPro as a personal trainer, and working in aquatics as a swim instructor, She believes that keeping physically, mentally and spiritually fit for a lifetime is of utmost value to everyone.

Melissa believes everyone can perform at their best, nothing feels
better than pushing yourself a little farther then they thought they
could, lifting heavy, feeling strong, and capable of anything! Whether
this means racing at an elite level, or having the stamina to take on
the challenges of everyday family life.
It is her passion to teach others to train hard and train smart to
achieve there highest level of fitness!

As a mother, she has experienced the difficulty many mothers
face staying in a routine and feeling successful about their health
when being pulled in different directions.
Whether you are also a mother, an athlete, or want to get stronger, lift heavier, or stay fit, Melissa can help you develop the strategies and tools to make you successful in whatever direction your goals are taking you.


Genevieve Dunbar ~ Currently accepting Personal Training clients!

genevieveGenevieve Dunbar
Certified Personal Trainer

Connect with Genevieve on Facebook! Genevieve Dunbar – Personal Trainer

Genevieve currently teaches Strength HIIT and Bootcamp and has done everything from Spin to Step in the last 8 years of teaching fitness. She really enjoys the emphasis on strength and conditioning to help you get results and feel confident – there’s nothing like strutting out of class all sweaty with some swagger!

She is an enthusiastic instructor and trainer who loves to help people discover a love of exercise, with the realization that there’s so many enjoyable ways to move it’s about finding what makes you happy!

Genevieve is an avid runner, kettlebeller, weight lifter, wife and mama of two busy girls and knows how to balance it all in a healthy and sustainable way.  Find her on Facebook Genevieve Dunbar – Personal Trainer or give her a call today to see how she can help you get where you want to go!


Kate Orchard – Currently accepting new clients!

kate 2

Kate Orchard
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1
FMS Level 2

Connect with Kate on Facebook at Chain Reaction Personal Training

Kate is a BCRPA certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her clients range from professional and amateur athletes to everyday warriors and golden age rockstars. Her mission as a trainer is to guide you on the path to reaching your goals, whatever that may be, by seeing the person as a whole with individual needs and challenges and together finding what it is that works for you.

She has seen the power of movement in all it’s forms heal, empower and transform over and over again, both professionally and personally. Deadlifting their body weight when they truly believed it could never be done, smashing the baseball deep into left field for the game winning run, holding a steady and stable tree pose in yoga for the first time, completing a triathlon. It has been her honour and privilege to bare witness to those moments and be part of the process.

She offekaters individual, partner and small group training, workshops and nutritional guidance all in a fun, relaxing and supportive environment.

“Doubt increases with inaction. Clarity reveals itself in momentum. Growth comes from progress. For all those reasons, BEGIN.”
Brendon Burchard





Brooke Toop – Currently accepting Personal Training clients!

Brooke Toop
Certified personal trainer, an International Youth Fitness Specialist and the owner of Tenacity Health and Fitness – a place where you will be inspired, encouraged, guided and supported into your health and fitness journey.


Brooke’s main goal is to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle through health and fitness. She is very passionate about a healthy lifestyle, and she looks forward to helping you reach your fitness and health goals.
Specializing in vegetarian and plant based meal plans, custom workouts, personal training, small group training, bootcamps, specialty classes, Youth training, apparel and more!  Located in the beautiful Okanagan at Iron Heart Gym and beyond!  Brooke is happy to offer all of her  services world wide!

You can find Brook teaching TRX Bootcamp, Bootcamp & Bootcamp (light) on the Iron Heart Gym schedule!


Yoga Instructors:

Christine Jilek

christineChristine Jilek CYT-YAA

Yoga Assoc. of Alberta, SOYA
Christine’s passion is teaching and practicing the ancient art, science and philosophy of Hatha Yoga. She is a re-certified hatha yoga teacher through the Yoga Assoc. of Alberta with over 20 yrs. of personal practice and over 10 yrs. of teaching yoga, including traditional Hatha Yoga, Yin and Chair Yoga.
She encourages every person to try Yoga and with patience and effort and the right kind of support and guidance, Yoga’s potential to empower the human spirit, open the heart and heal the body makes this form of mind-body practice as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.
Christine teaches Yin Yoga Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm and Yoga Therapy Thursday’s at 10:00am and Sunday mornings at 10:30 @Iron Heart Gym
Caitlin Pickett
Caitlin has been practicing yoga for over 7 years and made the decision to deepen her practice though a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia.  Classically trained in Hatha Yoga it was here in Ubud that she discovered a calling to share the beautiful healing practice of yoga and all it’s elements.  After returning to Canada she enrolled in an additional YTT specifically designed for athletes and post-injury patients.  Her style of teaching is alignment based and will keep your muscles and joints safe during your practice.  She believes yoga is for every body and everybody!
More instructor Bio’s coming soon!
Kim Redgwell
Antony Stamboulieh
Leigh Eccles
Shauna Gauthier
Sean Ling-Allen
Hailey Correale

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